Who's an investor? Well...you are! The GREEN Team has designed our project in a way that is beneficial to all members of our community. Whether you're a whale interested in the largest plot of trees on TREE-ID or you're a new investor who cares deeply about green projects but can only afford one tree, we're here to support all of our community members in any way we can! We appreciate your investment into our project, our game, and our team and we promise to bring you quality content and a sustainable way to build on Web3.
Our GREEN Process!

How GREEN works for YOU

You might ask yourself by now, "So how does GREEN NFT help me?" and we've come prepared.
To provide our project with some initial capital for land acquisition and for our planting procedures we ask you to join our team of big thinkers and support our NFT mints! Each NFT equals one tree in our eco-forest. Trees will be tagged with a TREE-ID (Our system developed in-house by which your purchase funds the expenses of planting a tree. Each tree is recorded in our public database.). After your tree has been planted, our excellent groundskeeping team will nurture it according to the best practices in the ecoforestry field. During the growth to maturity, trees in our eco-forest will consume CO2 through photosynthesis by fixing carbon and storing it as biomass. Each tree is anticipated to adsorb approximately 2-3 tonnes of CO2 before reaching maturity! Up to 6000 pounds! An investment in a commodity like our trees is very different from what we see take place commonly in Web3. In the NFT world, products are highly volatile. Our team has chosen to bring GREEN into the NFT space to meet our goals as well as to provide an opportunity for our Web3 investors to diversity their portfolio to commodities that have been traded for centuries. By allowing GREEN to manage your assets, we can promise you the best quality goods for the highest return. Remember, GREEN members are not just environmentalists, we're engineers and foresters too. The GREEN team wants to make our planet happy, and we understand that that means it's necessary to make our investors happy. We have taken on this responsibility, not only because of our love for our planet, but for our compassion for one another and our desire to see those who truly care about our world thrive.


GREEN is open to all criticisms and suggestions. To prove our devotion to our investors, collectors, partners, and ourselves, we will be hosting bi-weekly Q&As as well as development updates on our Discord Stage. We can't wait to see you there!