How we "Green"

To build a future that is more GREEN, we needed to think... How can we stay true to our core values while making the money necessary to support the longevity of our project, keep our staff happy, and provide the best experience for users of our product? After numerous discussions and hours of research, it was determined that the best practice for our project, which would come to be known as the GROW Method, will meet all of these criteria.

The GROW Method

The GROW method was devised by drawing on components of the United States legal system, particularly regarding businesses who emit carbon-based Green House Gases (GHGs) to the atmosphere. The most common GHG is CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), [Other GHGs also apply to this rule such as CH4 (Methane), CO (Carbon Monoxide), etc.]. Each tonne (metric ton) of CO2 emitted to the atmosphere and/or each tonne of CO2 adsorbed from the atmosphere would equate to 1 Carbon Credit (CC). A Carbon Credit is the common name given to any certificate/permit representing 1 tonne of CO2 or equivalent other GHGs. Carbon Credits were put into place by the US as a result of the International Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) observations of GHGs emitted through fossil fuel burning. CCs are commonly traded, sold, and purchased by businesses to offset their carbon emissions. Therefore, by possessing one CC, a business may emit one tonne of CO2 or equivalent GHG.
To support our goals, we aim to be a collector and generator of Carbon Credits. The distribution of Carbon Credits, as noted above, works differently for projects that will actively reduce atmospheric carbon; for each tonne of CO2 removed from the atmosphere, a Carbon Credit is granted to the business.


In short, GROW is about generating Carbon Credits and developing a system by which we can help to heal our planet (by reducing atmospheric carbon) through the budding of new trees generated by the GREEN NFT project.
It is our goal that in the coming years, we can use the land we acquire and our GROW Method to provide our service to other NFT projects and businesses that desire to become eco-friendly and carbon neutral whilst supporting industries we deem environmentally sound (Solar, Wind, etc.) through the supply of Carbon Credits.