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Behind the Screen

The GREEN Team has dedicated members working behind the screen to bring our project to life. From our heads of staff listed below to our committed and hardworking developers, artists, and others, we are here to serve our community!


Project Leader / Head of Research & Development

Julian Thornton (he/him)
Julian has a background in environmental health and safety (EHS) and has practiced applications of the field for production in commercial facilities. In addition to studying Environmental Resources Engineering, his experience working on projects drawing on varying disciplines allows him to act as a stable backbone for any team. Julian’s applicable skills include engineering economics, green-site design, data research and collection, and using excel to develop solutions to multi-step linear and non-linear problems. On a team, Julian always makes a point to include all team members in the discussion and creates a welcoming environment for sharing ideas while promoting learning in a group setting. Twitter​

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Representative / Technical Correspondent

Devon Drabick (she/they)
Devon has a background with diversity and inclusion through her job as a Peer Leader for first year students at her university. She has also received a certification in Conversations About Race and Ethnicity (C.A.R.E.) at Syracuse in recognition of her DEI training and efforts. Devon studies the humanities, making her very adept with reading, writing, proofreading, and both verbal and written communication. She is bilingual, with Spanish as a second language. Additionally, Devon has experience with data collection and entry through her job at a library. She is excellent with interpersonal communication and conflict resolution in a team environment. Twitter​


Carlo Santos (he/him)
Carlo is a software developer with a background in web development and cloud management. His experiences have brought him the opportunity to work on complex and proof of concept web applications using React, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, and other modern technologies. Carlo has also worked with multiple development teams catering to clients in need of software development solutions. As a team player, he assures that everyone is aligned with the goals of the team and always makes sure that everyone has a good experience working as a team. Twitter​

Art & Design

Hanciel Dela Torre (any)
Hanciel is a self-taught artist with experience in traditional art, digital art, animation, and graphic design. She is adaptable to a variety of art styles, including realism, semi-realistic, animation, and many others. Through her long commissioning experience, Hanciel provides the team with high-quality artwork. She has the capacity to recognize team needs, provide creative directions, and identify solutions to accomplish goals. Twitter​