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"If the plan doesn't work... change the plan, but never the goal" - Unknown
It is our plan to provide you with an enjoyable experience while you are with our GREEN community. We want to bring you game updates, new content, updated databases, and more. We want to bring you a lot, and we plan to deliver, but we ask you that you please be patient with our team. Progress is great, but it is usually slow for a startup with the intention of doing something different. Things won't always be smooth, but our team will do their best to achieve our goals and assure our players, partners, and GREEN community are taken care of!
This roadmap is a brief outline of our direction and small goals we hope to achieve in 2022. It is very likely that this page will be updated frequently to reflect the status of our various projects. Please keep this in mind and check back often!



  • Building Stages:
    • Build our website
    • Begin game development
    • Create a social media presence
    • Craft the Genesis GREEN NFT collection (10,000 NFT-Tree/Passes)
  • Improve the quality of our Discord and brainstorm community events
  • Apply Web3 interaction to our website
  • Share our vision with partners and investors


  • Mint stage 1, Allowlisted Mint (30%):
    • Date TBA
    • Secondary market available!
  • Pre-Alpha test for Allowlist holders
    • Date TBA
  • Mint stage 2, Public Mint #1 (70%):
    • DATE TBA
  • Land Acquisition within US for the first NFT led ecoforest
  • GREEN Plotting and Planting Program
    • Plotting partner groves, land development (maintenance, facilities, etc.)


  • Alpha release of Green Chess v0
    • ~500/1000 players/day release based on GENESIS #.
    • Bug fixes and QOL improvements
  • First Guild v. Guild tournament series
    • Live Twitch/YT casting coverage
    • Prize pools & grand prizes
  • Release of TREE-ID tool
    • Tree metadata tracking for database
    • Sorting mechanisms for database searches


  • Release Green Chess v1.0
    • v1.1 Introduce rebalancing for in-game currency for the switch to $GRN token economy
    • v1.2 Introduce tournament style gameplay and entry passes
    • v1.3 Introduce cosmetic purchasing options
    • v1.4 Introduce "season" tournament passes