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Whitepaper Revised - 5/30/2022


Hello! Welcome to a new type of NFT Project. We are a project that values its ideals above all else. We are the GREEN NFT Project. My name is Julian. I'm the founder of the GREEN Project and the author of the whitepaper you're reading now. While assembling this document, my team and I have taken great efforts to make the information as clear as possible. Please do not hesitate to bring up questions or concerns regarding the Whitepaper in our Discord server! The GREEN Team and myself are happy to address anything you have for us. At this point, you might be wondering about what we're doing here, why we're doing it, and how we plan to achieve our goals. My promise to you is that by the end of this document, you'll have the knowledge you need to join the GREEN movement. We look forward to your involvement.

What is GREEN?

Green, as we all know, is a color. Specifically, the natural world embodies the color green, in plants, biology, and growth. As long as humans have inhabited Earth, we have been using nature and her wealth of resources to our advantage. Over time we developed tools to hunt, machines to innovate, and even entire worlds that fit into the palm of a hand. Nature has played a role in all of this, providing the resources for progress. But, the world has started to change. Our abuse of nature has resulted in rising sea levels, increasing annual temperatures, the pollution of our clean air, and sharp decreases in biodiversity (the variety of life on our planet). Our goal at GREEN is to take a stand and address parts of this problem. To make our world THAT much more green. We've noticed that while many projects push out NFTs for profit, few stop to think about their environmental impacts. Particularly the resources they have consumed along the way. We know that the generation and usage of cryptocurrencies and NFTs through token mining and contract transactions are energy demanding processes. Through it all, energy, one of our most valuable resources, is consumed in many ways; from providing the cooling systems for token miners to sending long lines of code. When energy is consumed, carbon, in the form of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is emitted to the atmosphere. The emittance of Carbon Dioxide and other Green House Gasses (GHGs) in high amounts over time can lead to the conditions we are seeing today, such as higher sea levels, lack of biodiversity, and increasing global temperatures. These effects all fall under one common term, Anthropogenic Climate Change. By using the GREEN method that our team has developed in accordance with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) best management practices, we will demonstrate to the Web3 community how an NFT Studio can create a product that sells, return profits, and assure that their product does not further the effects of climate change. At GREEN, our production will go beyond Carbon Neutral (The point by which emission of carbon is equal to that of carbon adsorbed), and will be Carbon Negative. Doing so, we shall lead the way as global providers for the reversal of climate change effects through green services.