A good project starts with a strong core set of beliefs. The GREEN team has taken time to assure that our values remain our highest priority when making decisions regarding our NFT, our project, and our game. The three ideals below reflect our desire to not only develop critical green services to benefit our planet, but to promote the implementation and continued use of sustainable and renewable practices. We aim to inspire our audience and create a community of informed and concerned members who will stand up for what is right. Our team wholeheartedly believes in these ideals and has committed to weaving them into each and every one of our projects.

Our GREEN beliefs

#1 - Create NFTs that support the green services we provide

Each sale/transfer of a GREEN NFT will directly impact our ability to provide green services. The green services we provide are outlined in the GREEN NFT Process and throughout the whitepaper. As you continue to read through this document, you'll see how your NFT will offset the carbon demand generated through the use of smart contracts. Additionally, your NFT will help diminish the climate related effects of oil and natural gas burning.

#2 - Promote renewable practices on Web3 as self-sustaining alternatives to limited-use practices

We are all big on green practices. Any way we can, we strive to make a difference. While the majority of our budget will go towards developing our green services, we assure you that we will take extra steps to support other green infrastructure (GI) developers along the way through the donation and dedication of carbon credits.

#3 - Increase awareness of ongoing issues resulting from anthropogenic climate change

It's difficult to know everything and it's tedious to stay up to date on the latest issues. The Research and Development team at GREEN understands this and we want to make it easier for you. Let us provide you with an unbiased understanding of the state of climate change, GI, green practices/services, and how our services make a difference. By following what we do on social media and helping us make noise, we can all make a change.